Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Thing 16

Yes, I know I am going out of order...the video for thing 15 is taking FOREVER to download, so I am skipping ahead while I wait. 

This week's assignment had to do with wikis. I was excited because I am a huge fan of wikipedia. I use it almost daily for anything and everything. I love the idea of a website based on the idea that people can be good and contribute to something positive online. I've also recently tried using wikis in my classroom. It was a good experience, and I look forward to honing my skills with this technology. 

I explored the booklovers wiki, and I loved it! I read reviews of books I have picked up at Barnes & Noble, but was never sure about-and added a few things to wishlist. It gave me the idea to create a wiki for my students where they recommend books to read over the summer and talk about what they're reading. I may be naive in believing that my students will actually read something this summer, but maybe it would encourage them to read if they knew they could contribute to a wiki about various books, and stay in touch with their friends. (Although, one of my classes could not understand that it was not myspace-they kept sending messages to everyone saying "add me.") 

I think wikis are a great classroom tool, and a fun way to get all students involved in the learning and creating process. 

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